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  Forgers in a Mechanical Survival game, the game will include items like steam, oil, energy, wire. and much more.  Though this is not it, along with the mechanical aspect, there will be bosses and enemies that constantly attack the player.  Along with the base game, Forgers includes mini-games.  These games are simple and made to be played with friends as a way to take a break from the base game.  These games include Imposter and Hot Potato.  Imposter is a murder mystery style game where all players must go get items to repair an ancient statue.  One player is chosen to be the Imposter, their job is to stop the other players from completing their action by any means possible.  Hot potato is a tag-like game where the players pass of an explosive potato, whoever has the potato when the timer ticks to 0 explode.


  Forgers is a game that has gone through many iterations.  It was originally a javascript web game.  The main premise of the game was a wave-based zombie survival.  It was under a different name at that point. It was inspired by "Minecraft" from Mojang and a game call "Forager" by HopFrog, both absolutely amazing games.

This was the original game.

  After a 4 months of development, I create a multiplayer beta, the beta lasted 2 months.  Within the 2 month span the game was renamed to Forgers.  The name change was made to better reflect what I wanted the game to be about.  In its last 2 weeks of active development I created the steam engine block.  Its job was to create power with coal and water.  The game could not handle it, and it was too hard to program.  So I stopped making the game.  With in its 6 month development, the game got increasingly broken.  Many achievements where made though, and I maxed out the world size at over 2,000X2,000 Blocks.  Though I new I had issues with the game, the web server it was on was slow and one tab running the game used almost 2 Gigabytes of ram.  So I started to rebuild it, again under javascript.  I worked on the game for 2 months, but I had issues trying to get the world to work right.  Chucks loaded funky and saving was a dream.  I took a break for about 4 months, I stopped touching coding all together.  Then I opened unity.  I had no idea what to create, so I dragged the Forgers texture that had been on my desktop and got to working.  In about 14 hours, I got a functional version of forgers on Unity on 9/23/2020.  Since then I have kept building upon this new Unity version.


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